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March 6, 2023

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Reviewing your processes is essential – ideally before you put together a list of requirements. A mentor can advise on  processes to keep and those to change.


Do you have the right people with the right skills in finance and operations? A mentor can help you work out where to hire and the best skill mix.


Customising an ERP can create the perfect platform or add crippling costs. A mentor can help you decide when and where to customise.


ERP opens many doors. Scale production, enter markets, launch products, acquire competitors. A mentor can assist you to analyse and prioritise your options.

Change management

An ERP implementation is a people project disguised as a technology exercise.  It won’t work if you leave the team behind. A mentor can help you bring them with you.

Vendor/Partner relationships

Ideally, you will have a long and rewarding alliance with your ERP software vendor and partner. A mentor can show you how to set expectations and what to ask for.

Hire from the C Suite

Our mentors are current or recently former CFOs, COOs and CEOs who have scaled small or mid-size businesses with ERP. They have played critical roles in the selection and implementation of an ERP, sometimes in more than one company. As a mentor, they can walk beside you as you take the journey yourself.

A six-month shortcut to growth

Hire a mentor for a six-month period with a set number of hours per month of strategic advice. Get assistance when creating your list of requirements for an ERP, during the selection and buying process, over the implementation or to accelerate the company afterwards. You choose the focus. The mentor will guide you through the execution.

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