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Established in 2019 the founders started OneKloudX with a single goal in mind - to help business owners extract the most value from their NetSuite ERP system. OneKloudX is a fast growing leader amongst NetSuite ERP partners. We deliver customised and scalable FlexSafe™ managed solutions which help Australian businesses grow faster.

Combining technology and knowledge, experience, and service, our team of talented and experienced consultants have helped many companies large and small. With a combined 100+ years implementation experience, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions for companies across the Wholesale Distribution, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Non-Profit, Professional Services, and IT Software industries.

So, whether your company is just starting out with NetSuite ERP or you are an established player looking for a new partner, our locally based team delivers a comprehensive real-time view of your business so you can plan and manage better.

As a matter fact we have helped organisations improve their employee productivity by 20% and reduce overall staff turnover to an all-time low, all within 18 months.

We help to implement these business insights to each of your employee roles by using a proven and established multi-tenant cloud enterprise and analytics technology solution, that eliminates silos, and helps to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction.

You know how hard, costly and time consuming it is for each of your employees across different business departments to analyse data and proactively plan their operational activities daily?

Well what we do is enable all employees to have the insights and key performance indicators needed to prioritise their daily workloads and make the right business decisions by using our on-site, agile and outcomes driven deployment of multi-tenant cloud enterprise and business analytics software solutions.

Custom Integrations & Software

Adaptive Insights by OneKloudX
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Corporate Performance Management

Collaboratively plan across your enterprise without manual spreadsheets, nor clunky legacy systems

ELMO Cloud HR Integration by OneKloudX
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By integrating ELMO Cloud HR Software directly into your NetSuite ERP the finance and back-office data seamlessly creating an architecture that enables your people and operations to access data in one solution. A unified database improves the quality of reporting, streamlines the processes, making it easier to maintain.

Cartoncloud by OneKloudX
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Warehouse Management System
Wrike by OneKloudX
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Project Management