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Modoolar is a group of professionals with strong programming, computer administration and networking background. Since 2008, we strive to use cutting edge technologies skills and combine them with vision, hands-on experience, effective methodology, and passion for IT. With our knowledge and experience we can help enterprises of all sizes to reduce costs and improve business agility by automating various operational aspects of business processes.

Whether you need a tailor-made software product or you seek for solution right out of the box, you are on the right place. We provide software development services, but for our customers we are not just provider, we are also a partner. Developing a fully customized software, with different programming languages and for different platforms, we deliver first class solutions to our clients worldwide.

For our clients we can recommend the open source application platform called Odoo, because it is simple and easy to use and the necessary training for end-users is lower than most business solutions. Over two million people around the world use Odoo to grow their sales, run their operations, organize marketing activities, boost productivity and empower their human resources.

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