How to Show Personal Sales Targets and Data in Unleashed Software

December 12, 2019

Sales is a numbers game, and the more motivated your sales team the higher the numbers they will hit. But if your sales team don't know the number of sales they have made, total revenue and how it compares to target, they are going to struggle with motivation and timing. 

How disappointing for your top salesperson and your business if they miss their target because they just didn't know how close they were to hitting it?

Inventory apps such as Unleashed Software can show you how the business is performing. Lists like top selling products and categories and top customers are really useful. However, it becomes a little complicated if you want to show those lists to just one salesperson and not for the whole company.

You could give the salesperson access to Unleashed, but then they could also see the sales numbers for all other sales people, and figure out their commissions. 

Problem: You can't create a custom sales report in Unleashed that is filtered for a single person and give that person access to just that one report.  

Solution: The easiest and fastest way to set this up is to add a business intelligence (BI) dashboard. Each salesperson gets a unique login to the dashboard and can only see their sales numbers and their target. The sales data is also searchable, so you can click on a chart and see the individual sales by customer and dollar value behind it. 

You could customise the dashboard to show top customers, top products, quarter on quarter sales performance, year to date or year on year performance, and so on. 

And a sales manager could have a dashboard that showed results for all salespeople in their division or territory. 

Result: Now your salespeople can look at their targets on their mobile phone each morning and see their numbers change in real time as orders are processed. The privacy and security of Unleashed remains intact, passing only the relevant information to each salesperson. 

Image credit: Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

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