Highlights from SuiteConnect 2019

February 18, 2019

Oracle NetSuite kicked off its global conference series SuiteConnect 2019 in Australia. where they shared their achievements and aspirations for this year.

Here are some of my favourite moments and ideas.

Australia, we count. Big time!

The year 2016 was frequently mentioned throughout the day.

This is when Oracle bought NetSuite, a significant milestone.

Adding up the numbers from two different talks, it seems that Australian customers make up 20 percent of NetSuite's new client acquisitions since 2016 globally (600 out of 3,000 new sign ups).

This is huge since we are talking an American product that is well established in the US market.

Since 2016, @Netsuite @Oracle acquired 3,000 new customers, out of which 600 are in ANZ. @JasonMaynard can we ANZ-ers get a 20% stake at product decisions too?#SuiteConnectAU

� Digital First (@Digital_1st) February 5, 2019

No wonder they flew over their hotshot seniors from California to see us up close and in person :)

Note: while these numbers were mentioned on stage, I could not confirm them later chatting to NetSuite execs. Either way, the evident huge investment in the conference shows that Australia considered a primary market for NetSuite.

Taming the implementation beast

There was a lot of talk about SuiteSuccess, Netsuite's new implementation model that is claimed to have cut average implementation time, cost (and the toll on mental health, I suppose) by a staggering 50 percent.

Turns out that much of the intensity of ERP implementations stems from the need to customise a standard platform to the unique needs of a business. This awkwardly makes us all assume the role of software architects, really.

The new approach sensibly recognises that there is a lot in common across businesses. NetSuite have done their homework in pre-configuring the platform - for our region (thank you), and for particular industries and circumstances.

SuiteSuccess is based on ready-made templates, a pre-defined set of roles and permissions, an abundance of saved searches (NetSuite's powerhouse of in-app querying facility), and dashboards and forms already optimised for numerous user roles.

The teams push back on customisation, at least initially, so that implementations are faster and more successful.

This leaves significant money on the table; NetSuite's approach will reduce its revenue in consulting fees. A refreshing choice coming from a company whose revenues are part subscription, part professional services.

Well done favouring long term success over short term revenue, NetSuite!

A bit more on this here:

A learning machine makes smarter decisions

I was excited to hear announcements around the ways NetSuite is starting to put its analytics power to good use:

  • Intelligent Form Assist which learns how I usually interact with forms and dynamically adapts the page for me

  • Predictive risk analysis algorithms that alert you to potential operational issues in real time

  • Prescriptive analysis algorithms that suggest and apply solutions faster than any human could

The magic in these tools is that they are not based on human defined rules. They are live, machine learning algorithms that constantly hunt for patterns in our data and use them to make real time suggestions.

Will they sometimes get it wrong? Sure they will. But consider the potential gain in all the times they get it right...

More about this if you prefer video:

And if you prefer to read, here is more detail.

Knowing when to go ERP

JCurve Solutions, a Netsuite award winning implementation partner, invited some of their clients to share their stories of moving to ERP.

While you could sense that they were on their best behaviour as guests of the organisers, their insights were still valuable, inspiring and thought provoking.

Industry specific vs generic: Danielle Allen from @TwoBirdsBrewing chose #ERP because with brewery-specific systems they needed more apps around. Like CRM etc. ERP was all in one, so was actually simpler to implement and get started with. pic.twitter.com/qhiwd64ouV

� Digital First (@Digital_1st) February 4, 2019

'It's that confidence in the numbers that enables you to grow'.

Says Tom Griffin from @EmmaAndToms #suiteconnectau � Digital First (@Digital_1st) February 4, 2019

'Data is the new oil' says Tom Griffith from @EmmaAndToms speaking about the growth of their business.'We push juice down out that pipe, some gets bottled, the bottles go to 5 states, some sold, some sampled, some binned. We managed all that on a spreadsheet in the past.' pic.twitter.com/Qboqe0qxIP

� Digital First (@Digital_1st) February 4, 2019

And here is some of the story of the legendary ThankYou team:

Helping us grow through Big Data insights

Given the vast amount of data that NetSuite gathers, one would expect it would start gleaning insights and constructing business ideas from it.

This is how big Big Data can get.

This is how much data @NetSuiteJAPAC has access to for benchmarking and learning about what works and doesn't work in business.@JasonMaynard says they use it to proactively help their clients grow.This is power.#SuiteConnectAU pic.twitter.com/uy7C70qQdB � Digital First (@Digital_1st) February 5, 2019

NetSuite claims to have learned how to use this information to identify that a business is ready for the next step of growth.

And then, offer their templated approach to take the business to the next stage.

I don't know if they are actually doing this, but I love the idea.

I think more cloud software providers should adopt it.

You have the data, tell us what it shows!

[caption id="attachment_14440" align="alignnone" width="2140"]

One of Netsuite's growth templates[/caption]

Word of the day: Searchandising

We learn something new every day, and at the event I learned about Searchandising. It means organising the search results in an ecommerce situation not just based on search relevance. It also predicts what the user actually means given everything we know about them, and then places other relevant merchandise in the search results.

Just like merchandising in a physical store.

Some more on this here:

I can't wait to see the next chapter in ERP for small business.

Disclosure: Inbal Rodnay Steinberg travelled to SuiteConnect 2019 in Sydney as a guest of Netsuite.


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