MYOB releases API for AccountRight Live

MYOB Opens the Door to Cloud Software with API

Software company MYOB yesterday released a connector for AccountRight and cloud service AccountRight Live so it could swap information with other cloud programs.

Document-scanning service Shoeboxed and analytical tool Fathom were the first two cloud programs to export data directly to AccountRight Live using the new connector, technically called an API (application programming interface).

The API gave developers the ability to import, export and delete data from MYOB AccountRight Live (and the desktop version) although only a subset of features were available at this stage, said Keran McKenzie, MYOB’s platform evangelist.

“It includes journals, general transactions, tax codes, all the personnel cards, balances and so on. The next step is invoicing and sales,” McKenzie said.

MYOB was looking at connecting AccountRight Live to popular cloud programs such as McKenzie claimed he had already built a proof of concept between the two programs.

“Clients will be able to enjoy a range of apps that enable customisable reports and analysis tools that integrate with other online services, and mobile apps that make it easier to work on the go,” said Paul Greenwell, MYOB’s platform strategy manager, in a press release.

The API could connect to apps written in any programming language and for any platform including Windows, Android and Mac mobile platforms.

MYOB was also restructuring its developer program to make it easier for developers to connect to MYOB’s cloud software. MYOB previously charged a fee to access the API but now had released open documentation.

“Any of our existing 800 developers or anyone in the wider community can sign up and have access to the API and explore what it can do right now,” McKenzie said. Over 65 partners had already signed up for access to the API.

The new developer program would have a bigger emphasis on marketing and selling third party solutions. “There’s a whole lot of new guys emerging. Who are the next Instagram? Where can MYOB’s marketing clout be leveraged to help those guys?” McKenzie said.

The existing program included free membership with access to the API and developer tools. Two paid categories (Developer for $996 and Premium for $2,200) gave access to the ODBC driver and access to marketing, events and other resources.

“Our developers have found it very easy to achieve a stable integration. The connection between Fathom and MYOB via the new API will save time, remove manual re-keying of data and enable the delivery of more frequent advisory and reporting services,” said Daniel Walls, co-founder of Fathom, in a press release.

Another developer, Business Driven Systems, had also connected its SyncDirect, Gov Direct, Supplier Direct, and Build Logic apps with the new API.

The API “provides a cleaner and more secure integration point than the older ODBC driver but also removes the locking and stability issues,” said Michael Kramer, BDS’ technical director, in a press release.

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