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Intuit Slashes Price of QuickBooks Online to $5/Month

UPDATE: Campaign launch date added.

Intuit has launched an aggressive marketing campaign by giving accountant and bookkeeper partners a heavily discounted price for its most featured online accounting program. QuickBooks Online Plus was available for the next four months for just $5 per month. (The campaign launched on 13 January.)

Accountants and bookkeepers could sell the software to clients for the standard retail price of $35 per month or pass on the full discount. The discount was valid for the life of the subscription.

A promotional email sent to Intuit ProAdvisor partners highlighted the inclusion of inventory and the unlimited number of users with each licence, both competitive differences. Xero lacked an inventory feature and MYOB AccountRight Live charged extra for more than five users.

Intuit included free payroll services for up to 10 employees until 31 July 2015 as part of the promotion. After that date QuickBooks Online users would be charged a separate fee by KeyPay, which provided the integrated payroll.

Intuit’s discounting far exceeded competing programs. Xero gold, silver and bronze partners received 25 percent, 20 percent and 15 percent respectively from the standard retail price for full versions of Xero’s online accounting program. A Xero gold partner would still need to charge their client $37.50 per month for Xero’s standard program, which cost $50 per month.

The Intuit campaign was launched today until 30 June.




  1. says

    Um, is that price deflation? Probably the price will be extended into the future until Reckon own the market. Better to exterminate the pesky upstarts at the frontend.

    Fe fi fo fum I smell xero & myob blood.

  2. Mitch Uzelac says

    Yes Intuit have a warchest to fund a very expensive strategy but price is only one aspect of the decision making process of savvy business folk…..It may be delaying the inevitable. Certainly not a sustainable strategy. Makes for interesting ‘viewing’. Overall the winner is the consumer ie SME around the globe

  3. says

    Saying “Intuit Slashes Price of QuickBooks Online to $5/Month” is a gross understatement. The QuickBooks Online price is now ZERO forever, if you know how to get it. Simply sign up for the free 25-user, top of the line, QuickBooks Online Accountant. You do not have to be a professional accountant or pass a test. I had my long-time Pakistani Manager prove this. He got one copy for my 60 year old dead dog, one for his four year old son and one for the words “Very Stupid” in his language. QBO cannot process foreign exchange transactions, so he can only use these copies to track the extensive U.S. dollar corruption in his country. (lol)

    If you already pay for QBO, simply backup to QB desktop and restore to your free QBOA. Of course, giving QBO away completely violates our U.S. antitrust laws. However, Intuit did exactly this before, with QuickBooks Simple Start desktop, when Microsoft competed against it. It then confirmed its monopoly intent by dropping the free copies soon after Microsoft stopped competing. After that, Intuit conspired with Microsoft to make make Microsoft the preferred method for QuickBooks access. The antitrust nature of this deal must have been too obvious, as originally announced, since Intuit apparently never actually became a Microsoft Office reseller.

    It may seem unlikely that Intuit would violate antitrust laws. After all, it claims that, “Integrity Without Compromise is at the core of everything we do at Intuit.” However, the truth is that the U.S. and California sued eBay due to Scott Cook, Intuit founder, largest stockholder, head of its three person Executive Committee and a Director. He personally conspired with the eBay CEO to bar either firm from recruiting or hiring each other’s employees, eliminating competition and depriving employees to better jobs and salaries. For over a year, it barred eBay from hiring any Intuit employees. Cook was intimately involved in forming, monitoring and enforcing the agreement, complaining about eBay recruiting Intuit employees while an eBay Director. An employee companion suit showed that this even resulted in the companies reporting salaries of those contacting them, without employee knowledge.

    The U.S. previously sued Intuit over related agreements involving it and Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. All such cases involved managers at the highest levels of the companies. They all also involved Intuit quickly agreeing to stop these practices and pay substantial damages to 64,000 affected workers.

    I will soon detail the shocking Intuit record of extensive additional antitrust violations. These have long been severely damaging Intuit competitors and those trying to sell or support competing products. They also will include many cases gathered while I was still a very prominent Intuit insider.

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