5 Ways Social Media Content Can Improve your Profits

Social media

Social Media is having a major impact on the way that B2C businesses drive sales during seasonal periods of the year, such as Christmas, New Year and Easter. And the social content that you circulate to your business connections can have a huge impact on sales. Engagement with your customers and prospects drives revenue for your business.

Did you know that customers that are engaged with your business are 40 percent more likely to spend, and are 30 percent more satisfied? This is a real reason to start getting social with your marketing today.

Here are some simple tips you can leverage with your target market to increase engagement today.

  1. Countdowns – Create and maintain a drum beat of regular communication with your audience. For example build a campaign around the lead-up to Australia Day.
  2. Share Nostalgia – Leverage a seasonal period, such as Easter, to establish an emotional connection with warmth and familiarity.
  3. Competitions and Sweepstakes – Generate fans and drive quality qualified traffic to your website by creating competitions and sweepstakes that excite your community.
  4. Social Gifting – Engage your existing fans on social networks to drive awareness and support for a worthy non-profit.
  5. Socially Enable Your Website – Ensure your website can be shared across multiple social channels like Facebook, Twitter and more by the viewers.

Here are some additional considerations that will not only help boost your engagement but also the response rates of your target market:

  • Using a text only format can drive +12 percent increase in response rates.
  • Giving the reader a clear and easy to understand call to action, drives 3x more responses.
  • The time of day you send your communications can have an impact on different customers groups, increasing response by up to +14 percent in some cases.
  • Regular communication with customers can increase response by +19 percent.
  • By keeping the messaging simple and easy to understand in your communications, response rates can increase by 23 percent.
  • Including photos within communication can increase responses by +39 percent.
  • Don’t forget to ask questions; that can increase response by +92 percent in some cases!

For more information about social media ROI (return-on-investment), have a look at our e-book “ROI of Social Media Myths Truths and how to measure

A version of this post was first published on the Salesforce.com/au blog and was written by Dani Walley, APAC marketing manager at Salesforce.com. It is part of the Future of Work series sponsored by Salesforce.com.

3 Responses to “5 Ways Social Media Content Can Improve your Profits”
  1. I am familiar with social media but not this much. I had no idea you had to be more involved with it. This is great stuff and will put this to use.

    • Yes – social media is a conversation. It’s best to start with one (LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter) and put together a social media plan for the type of content you can contribute. Look up a social media plan template on the Hubspot.com blog, it’s a great resource. The Albert Einstein quote is great advice for building up a solid presence in social media: “Strive not to be a success, but to be of value”. Then you will definitely attract followers.

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