Plumbing group promotes cloud-apps bundle to Kiwi plumbers

Integrated with price list.

New Zealand merchant plumbers group NZPM has released a pamphlet promoting a bundle of cloud apps to its plumbers. The promotion, billed as as “the best cloud solutions ever assembled for the trades”, was one of the first industry-led initiatives for cloud solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The bundle cost NZ$139 per month plus GST and comprised field scheduling and management tool GeoOp, cloud accounting program Xero and online inventory Unleashed. As noted in an earlier article, Unleashed had spent two months integrating with the inventory database of NZPM’s retail outlet, Plumbing World, to give plumbers real-time pricing when assigning parts for jobs.

Plumbers using the bundle would use GeoOp as the main interface for the bundle to allocate jobs, record parts required and used, and send invoices. The Plumbing World price list displayed within GeoOp, including on tablets and smartphones using GeoOp’s mobile applications.

GeoOp could instantly calculate job costing and profit using the live pricing on every job.

“We update Unleashed with the actual materials used so the plumber on the road doesn’t know anything about the inventory program,” said Nick Bartlett, GeoOp’s director of operations.

Unleashed planned to carry out similar integrations with other trades suppliers. “The vision is that no-one in a trade organisation would have to touch a price list again. Unleashed would hold it centrally and it would provide the correct one to each account,” Bartlett said.

“For the first time ever, the NZPM price file is live and instantly available through Unleashed & GeoOp. Having real time integration with Unleashed provides you with the confidence of knowing your precise margins for every component of every job!” the pamphlet said.

The promotion included training and set-up for a fixed NZ$250 fee with Training and Beyond, the cloud-software training business established by leading Xero bookkeeper Melanie Morris, who also founded the New Zealand Bookkeepers Association.

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