Saasu update: redesigned bank feeds and tweaked reports

Line item tags appear in reports.

Saasu has redesigned its interface for displaying information imported through bank feeds. Transactions were flagged to show whether they were unmatched to a bank feed item (black flag) or were also reconciled in the bank reconciliation report (red flag).

Saasu added a deleted folder which stored transactions that had been deleted. Users could view deleted transactions and undelete them. The All folder showed all transactions whether imported from a bank feed or entered manally in sales, purchases, journal or payroll.

“In coming releases you will find further changes to the bank feeds area as we work towards bringing the consolidating bank feeds and bank reconciliation functions,” Saasu said on its website.

Other changes included minor tweaks to reports. The system of tags that tracked income and expenditure at the item level were included in the profit and loss summary report. Previously the P&L Summary only showed tags at the transaction level but it now reported on line item tags too. Additional reports were coming in future releases, Saasu said.

Saasu changed the method for calculating percentage margin in its Inventory Item History report. The calculation was now based on margin divided by invoice total excluding tax, instead of margin divided by cost of goods sold.

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