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Find out how fast your inbox is filling up.

While Exchange Online as part of Office 365 provides generous mailboxes of 25GB per user, I’m finding that some of our cloud customers are finding they are running out of space.

My first reaction is that if they have 25GB of email they need to clean out your mailbox. While cloud services make digital wastage no longer our problem, it doesn’t remove the responsibility of managing our own content.

A solution I came across recently is Cogmotive, an analytics and reporting system for Exchange Online. It is a comprehensive web-based system that collects usage information and reports back in a very simple and easy to use interface.

Not only does it provide current information about usage, but trends and patterns as well as other useful information.









The available reports are:

  • Active Users
  • Users logged in over time
  • Email addresses assigned to mailboxes
  • Mailbox sizes
  • Mailbox sizes over time and usage in line with mailbox quotas
  • Total mail storage consumed over time
  • Retention policies applied to users
  • Mobile users, the devices they used, and last sync
  • Mobile devices by type
  • Mobile devices by policy (great if you have different policies applied to different users)
  • Amount of folders synchronised per user

Cogmotive uses dynamically generated graphs which allow for a very fast page load and makes the information very easy to understand.

The basic service is available for free to customers with under 10 users on the Small Business and Professional plan. For customers with more than 10 users the cost is only $5 base + $0.50 per user per month. The Premium plan which includes all the bells and whistles is only slightly more expensive by $0.25 per user.

For organisations that want to understand and monitor their Exchange Online usage, Cogmotive is a very inexpensive solution which assists customers in driving further value from their existing spend on Exchange Online.
















Loryan Strant is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP (Most Valuable Professional). Follow him on Twitter @TheCloudMouth.

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Loryan Strant is the managing director of Paradyne, a leading Cloud Engineering company. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Office 365. You can follow him on Twitter @TheCloudMouth

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