Cloud Adviser launches

New horizons open up for the accounting industry.  

I am very proud to announce the launch of a new website, Cloud Adviser ( The site has been built to train the next generation of advisers from the ranks of Australian and New Zealander accountants and bookkeepers, who will rebuild shops and companies into cloud-based, modern businesses.

Cloud Adviser fills an urgent need. Businesses continue to tie themselves up in expensive servers and multi-year maintenance contracts which drain capital, time and attention away from the real work of running a business. Cloud software can give them the latest technology for a fraction of the price of server software and in the process transform their operations into highly flexible, easily scalable, work-from-anywhere businesses that are more profitable to run.

There is no doubt that businesses are ready to change. The Cloud Adviser website was switched on late Wednesday afternoon for some quiet testing and by the following day a Melbourne clothing business had seen the site and called for help in choosing and being trained on a cloud-based customer database (CRM). The business had just switched from MYOB to Saasu after many years and had limited capital to spend on IT. All the owner knew was that he wanted something that ran in the cloud.

Some will wonder why accountants and bookkeepers should be the ones to guide businesses in the journey to the cloud. My answer is that there’s no-one better qualified.

Financial advisers have recommended accounting software since it was first sold on disks. They explained to business owners why it was better to use an accounting program rather than a collection of spreadsheets, and how the intelligence that it yielded could help them run their businesses better and more profitably.

The cloud just extends this conversation. Business owners are happy to buy cloud accounting programs such as Xero and Saasu to manage their financial information. What else can they buy that will make their business more efficient and productive?

An accountant or bookkeeper who has done the research and used cloud software in their own business to discover its benefits can hand on their experiences to their clients. It’s not rocket science. There’s no programming involved or computers to fix, just passing on well-formed recommendations.

And besides, they’ve already started doing it. Take a look at Interactive Accounting and Hansens Accounting and you’ll see that the most entrepreneurial have hit the ground running.

The first course on Cloud Adviser, open now, gives an introduction to the concepts of cloud software, compares the risks of cloud software versus server software, and examines the choices in accounting, office applications and customer databases in the cloud.

It costs $395 for three months’ access but for the first month is available for $295 thanks to the generous support of IT security company

Cloud Adviser will expand with further courses and services over the coming months. If you have any questions regarding the website or have any feedback please email me at


Sholto Macpherson


BoxFreeIT and Cloud Adviser


About Sholto Macpherson

Sholto Macpherson is a business technology journalist, consultant and analyst specialising in cloud accounting software.

Sholto is the author of the Macpherson Report, which examines the key technology trends facing accountants in Australia.

He lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

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