iiNet launches cloud phones service for business

The cloud promises big savings, but are they without risks?

ISP iiNet has revealed a business-grade cloud telephony service called Business Voice. Prices started at $39.95 per user per month for the service which included features such as conferencing facilities, advanced call routing and music on hold.

As a cloud-based service, Business Voice didn’t require a business to buy a phone switch controller, or PBX, which can cost well over $1000. Handsets provided with the service connected by an Ethernet cable into the business’ router.

The service included handset rental, free calls to landlines, 15 cents per minute calls to mobiles and international calls from 5 cents per minute. The iiNet information page included a form to upload a phone bill to calculate the monthly cost of the same number of calls made under the iiNet plan.

Business Voice had four plans with prices determined by the type of Polycom handset included. The basic service at $39.95 per user per month came with the entry-level Polycom IP 335, while a Polycom IP 670 handset and console was bundled with the top plan for receptionists at $94.95.

All plans had access to three-way calling, hunt group, voicemail to email, simultaneous ring (where one phone number rang on several handsets or mobile phones), speed dial and push to talk.

Head of iiNet Business, Greg Bader, said in a press release that Business Voice was aimed at small and medium businesses that were growing quickly or that wanted to avoid the cost of buying and maintaining a phone system.

“The beauty of a hosted solution means every dollar that’s spent on your phone system goes towards business productivity. There’s no initial cost for buying the hardware and no added costs for upgrades,” Mr Bader said.

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