A beginner’s guide to the cloud

A quick overview.

So you’ve heard all about this cloud thing. What does it all mean? BoxFreeIT has put together a quick beginner’s guide to walk you through the basics. Look through the short articles below to understand how cloud computing can help your business.


Introducing… the cloud

You will hear the cloud defined many ways. Here is another one, hopefully the simplest.

What is the cloud?

What do SaaS, PaaS and IaaS mean?


Why the cloud?

Perhaps you already have all the software you need in your office on your server and are thinking, why bother moving it to the cloud? The short answer is – it could save you a lot of money and make your business work much faster and better.

Five reasons to move to the cloud

How the cloud saves you money


Buying cloud software

If you have been buying your own software at your local retailer and looking after installation and maintenance yourself, you might find a couple of new terms that come with cloud computing.

What is included in a cloud software licence?

What does TCO mean?

What is an SLA?

What are migration tools?

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