SMBs overlooked and unloved when buying IT, says EMC survey

Unhappy with service and price for smaller businesses.

A survey of 1000 SMBs in Australia and New Zealand found that almost two-thirds were dissatisfied with customer service from IT vendors and as many again found it difficult to find technology solutions that met their business needs.

Nearly two-thirds said they received “less favourable pricing” compared to enterprises. Better pricing for IT solutions was the number one need as cited by a third of respondents.

The survey was sponsored by storage and backup company EMC and conducted by Pure Profile and Buzz Channel in September.

Other findings were that 7 per cent firmly believed that technology solutions were developed with SMB needs in mind, and only a third felt that vendors were listening to feedback from SMBs.

SMB wanted technology that better matched their needs (31 percent) and more understanding from vendors of the SMB market (30 percent).

“The findings are particularly worrying as SMBs face similar technology challenges to large businesses but have fewer resources to cope,” EMC’s Mark Oakey, marketing manager for storage platforms, said in a press release.

“Technology is supposed to enable smaller organisations to be competitive with larger businesses; however this won’t be the case if the solutions don’t meet their needs or simply cost too much,” he said.

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