Google Apps vs Office 365: Buying advice

Everything you need to choose the right cloud office suite for you.

Creating documents and spreadsheets and presentations, sending emails – any office-based business relies on these activities every single day. Choosing the right office applications can make such a huge difference to how well a business operates, and this is just as true when moving to the cloud.

BoxFreeIT has put together a list of articles and fact sheets to help make it easier for businesses to make one of their most important decisions – which cloud productivity suite will they choose?

There are two main competitors, Google Apps from Google and Office 365 from Microsoft. There is a lot of overlap in applications and features between the two, but also some noteworthy differences.

If you would like to see a comparison or analysis that is not listed below, please add a request in the comments at the end of the page.

This page contains:

  1. An introduction
  2. Dealmakers/dealbreakers
  3. Compare in detail
  4. Platform – Mac vs PC vs iPad
  5. Buying advice
  6. Case studies


1. An introduction

Descriptions of the applications within each suite.

The apps inside Google Apps: An overview

Microsoft’s Office in the cloud: An Office 365 overview

Five reasons to move to the cloud


2. Dealmakers/dealbreakers

Fundamental differences which could make one suite a clear winner for your business.

The best and worst of Google Apps

The best and worst of Microsoft Office 365


3. Compare in detail

Analysis of feature sets within the suites.


10 reasons why Google Spreadsheet is better than Microsoft Excel Web App


10 reasons why Google Docs is better than Microsoft Word Web App

10 reasons why Microsoft Word is better than Google Docs


Google Gmail vs Microsoft Outlook Online

Voice and video collaboration

Google Voice vs Microsoft Lync Online

Why Office 365 is better with Hosted Lync Server


4. Platform – Mac vs PC vs iPad

How well do the suites work on other platforms?

Using Office 365 on the iPad

Using Google Apps on the iPad


5. Buying advice

How to make the right decision for your business.

Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps: A buyer’s guide

Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps: By scenario

Microsoft SBS 2011 vs Office 365

Microsoft SBS 2011 vs Office 365 comparison chart


6. Case studies

First-hand experiences from businesses that have already chosen a cloud productivity suite.

Accounting ‘ahead of the curve’ with Google Apps

Why accountants choose Google Apps over Excel

IT shop replaces phones with hosted Lync

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