Saasu update adds payrun matching

Pending transactions also recognised. 

Cloud accounting vendor Saasu updated its cloud accounting package this week and added the ability to match bank transactions to a pay run.

Saasu already offered a Bulk EFT (electronic funds transfer) file for processing payments but users who chose not to use this method had to pay employees one at a time.

With the update, transactions in bank feeds could be matched against the pay run.

The release also added support for pending transactions. This resolved an issue where finalised bank transactions were delayed when updating through bank feeds. Saasu said the reason for the delays was that several banks had a pending and finalised status for each transaction, and that the bank feed was only accessing finalised transactions to remove the chance of duplicated transactions.

Saasu had added a way to upload pending transactions without creating duplicates.

New bank formats were also added for bank statement importing from ME Bank (AU), Select Credit Union (AU), Berrima District Credit Union (AU), Southern Cross Building Society (NZ).


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