Forensics tool reveals Dropbox details

Dropbox user details exposed.

An IT security company has released a free forensics tool that can collect a Dropbox user’s registered email address and Dropbox account number and details about the files contained in the account.
The tool, Dropbox Reader, can collect the names of recently changed files and the names of shared directories but the tool’s creator, Cyber Marshall, doesn’t suggest it could read the contents of those files or directories.
Dropbox Reader can determine whether a file in Dropbox has been changed or updated by comparing meta-data of each file, according to the product’s website.

Dropbox Reader consists of six Python scripts:
•    read_config script outputs the contents of the Dropbox config.db file in human-readable form. This includes the user’s registered e-mail address and Dropbox identifier, software version information, and a list of the most-recently-changed files.
•    read_filecache_config script outputs configuration information from the Dropbox filecache.db file. This includes information about shared directories that are attached to the user’s Dropbox account.
•    read_filejournal script outputs information about Dropbox synchronized files stored in the filecache.db file. This includes local and server-side metadata and a list of block hashes for each Dropbox-synchronized file.
•    read_sigstore script outputs information from the Dropbox sigstore.db file, which is an additional source of block hashes.
•    hash_blocks script produces a block hash list for any file. This block hash list can be compared to the block hashes from read_filejournal or read_sigstore.
•    dropbox_contains_file script hashes one or more files (as per hash_blocks) and compares the resulting block hash list to the files listed in filecache.db (as per read_filejournal) and reports whether the files are partially or exactly the same as any Dropbox-synchronised files.

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