• shoeboxed_receipts

    Shoeboxed Australia Splits from US to Focus On Local Market

    This is surely a first: a cloud app splitting from HQ to better serve a local market. Receipt scanning app Shoeboxed did just that last month. Founder and CEO of the Australian arm, Simon Foster, has bought up the rights to the technology for Australian and New Zealand business owners in an amicable split from the US office. “This was a mutual decision based on differing customer needs, which ultimately require quite different development priorities,” Foster said in a press release. “The global market, and we’re mainly talking the US at the moment, has quite a different approach to tax…

  • QBOA - client Dashboard 640

    Intuit’s QBO Accountant: A First Look

    While short on features, QuickBooks Online Accountant is a bold improvement and does some things surprisingly well.

  • Reckon SyncDirect2

    Reckon’s SyncDirect Aims for Efficiency with Independence

    Reckon has released a service that automatically takes information from clients’ business accounting programs, even if by a competing vendor, and centralises it in APS, Reckon’s practice management software. It’s a smart move by Reckon. Xero has for a long time promoted the idea of a single-vendor firm. In exchange for loyalty, a single-vendor firm can operate more efficiently by keeping clients and practice in the one software family. However, it’s unclear how many firms are prepared to put all their eggs in one vendor’s basket. The cost to the firm is not just independence but also financial; they must…

  • Apps used by Highly Automated Xero Firms

    How to Run a Highly Automated Xero Firm

    Do you want to produce tax returns in the shortest possible time or reduce the amount of non-billable hours on admin?

  • KeyPay-case-study

    Best Payroll for Cloud Accounting: What are the Options?

    A good quality payroll program can provide immeasurable benefits in terms both of compliance and streamlining administrative tasks.

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Sick of Non-Payers? CreditorWatch Gives the LowDown on Poor Customers

There’s nothing worse in business than a customer who refuses to pay. One service is using data to spot non-payers before you make the sale.

MYOB acquires Ace payroll

The Story Behind Ace Payroll, MYOB’s Latest Acquisition

The newly floated MYOB continued on its shopping spree last month by scooping up Ace Payroll, a 20-year-old New Zealand veteran in the payroll space.

Xero Tax

Xero Tax Overview: Xero’s ‘Mr Tax’ Points Out the Highlights

Xero has finally added the last tax return forms to make a complete set for 2014 and 2015.

Reckon One

Renewed Reckon One Hits the Street

The software now uses a more flexible programming language (HTML5) which can be used on Apple as well as PC devices.

Sage One dashboard 640

Sage One Review: A Solid Online Accounting App

Sage has entered the Australian cloud-based accounting software market with a localised version of Sage One. The initial review looks promising.

Sage One 640

Sage One Cloud Accounting App Launches in Australia

Sage Australia, best known for its Handisoft practice management software for accounting firms, has released an online accounting program called Sage One.