• Panalytics Dashboard

    Proactive Accountants Network Relaunches As Software Company

    Panalitix is part dashboard for monitoring clients’ businesses and part educational library for training accountants to deliver business advisory services.

  • Online Accounting VoxPop

    Scared of the Cloud? Not These Accountants (Video)

    The idea of online accounting software is clearly not welcomed by some accountants who see it as a threat to the money they make from tax returns. Often it’s the fear that holds accountants back from exploring how online accounting can change their business. In the US this feels like the prevailing position, while in other parts of the world, especially Australia and New Zealand, accountants are forging ahead. It’s true that accountants who have embraced online accounting are making less from tax returns and compliance. But they are making much more money by selling more interesting consulting work. No…

  • QuickBooks Online Accountant

    Intuit Reveals QuickBooks Online Accountant for Accounting Firms

    Online accounting company Intuit announced today a heavily redesigned practice management app for accounting firms called QuickBooks Online Accountant.

  • v

    5 Free Gmail Plugins To Supercharge Your Email

    We’ve seen just about every Gmail plugin available in our efforts to get to inbox zero.

  • Andrew Seinor H Factor Keypay Case study

    Accountant Gives Staff the Keys to Payroll

    Andrew Seinor takes company culture so seriously he chose his payroll based on it.

Recent News

Timothy Munro Change Accountants 640

Why One Accountant Chose To Run His Firm on Xero

Munro began using Xero for his 18-staff firm for several reasons, not least to better explain how it worked to clients. And it saved a lot of time.


Automated Timesheets an Easier Way to Pay Staff

Garth Belic spent an hour each day entering timesheets into his online accounting program to figure out pay conditions and superannuation for his staff.

King of Online accounting

Who’s The King of Cloud? Xero and MYOB Wrestle for Title

Both vendors claim the customers using rival’s online accounting software are unfairly inflated. MYOB CEO and Xero MD respond to claims.

Saasu about to relaunch new version.

Saasu Kills Off PayPal Bugbear for E-Commerce Retailers

Online accounting software Saasu has solved a major accounting bugbear for e-commerce businesses that use PayPal to process customer payments.


Accounting Firm Searches for Stress-Free Hiring and Firing

Natalie Trionfi was concerned. After leaving a big bank to run a small accounting firm, she was now responsible for HR as well as running the office.

Google Gmail vs Microsoft Outlook Online

What’s the Difference Between Free and Paid Versions of Gmail?

There are six main reasons which make paying for Gmail a very easy decision.