• Unleashed vs Dear

    Unleashed vs Dear Comparison: Inventory for Xero, QuickBooks

    I road-tested two of the add-on inventory products that could be integrated into both Xero and QuickBooks Online – Dear and Unleashed.

  • Xero Quotes

    Xero Quotes – How it Works, What it Lacks, and How to Print a Quote

    The first version of the long-awaited Quotes function is fairly basic, although Xero promises the first update will arrive before June.

  • Stack of receipts

    3 Easy Ways to Get Expense Data Into Xero

    You should see supporting documentation for all your transactions in one place – captured online, protected from physical deterioration, and easy to find.

  • Saasu dashboard

    What is a Dashboard?

    This is the first article in a series on data dashboards. The invention of the iPhone kicked off one of the great advances in technology – the rise of design. Smartphones were once horribly complicated interfaces that only engineers could use. The first iPhone could be unlocked and operated by a toddler, and its interface has barely changed in seven years. Nowadays good design is almost mandatory for modern software designed to run over the internet and operated through a browser. One of the design staples is the dashboard, a powerful tool that boils down the essence of the program to…

  • How to choose online storage for your business

    How to Choose Online Storage for Your Business

    Online storage (or cloud storage) services are increasingly common and multinational companies as well as startups use them to replace file servers.

Recent News

Department of Industry automation jobs

Accountants, Bookkeepers and Weaving Looms

The inaugural Australian Industry Report, released on Wednesday, carries a graph on page 44 titled “Jobs most at risk of being automated”.

xero_dashboard NEW 640

Xero Gives The Dashboard A Radical Overhaul: See Comparison

Online accounting software company Xero has radically overhauled the dashboard on its accounting app in a major update today. The interface update is the first step towards a “business performance dashboard” that will add business intelligence to the small business accounting program. The overhaul contains several subtle visual changes such as a move from outlined pastels to bright, block colours and the removal of lines and axis labels on graphs. Overall the interface feels less cluttered and easier to use. “This update to the dashboard begins the journey of delivering on our vision of providing big data capabilities for small…

Xero to List at US$100 million

Xero’s Chris Ridd On Growth Rates at the 400,000 Mark

How hard will it be for Xero to acquire the next 400,000 customers?

Sqrl 88seventysign

Sqrl Expands Into E-Signatures for Accountants

Client communication tool Sqrl has released an add-on called 88seventysign that uses electronic signatures to complete 8878 and 8879 tax forms in the US.

Saasu pricing table 2015

Saasu Raises Prices to Fund Expansion

Saasu will increase prices of its plans and introduce transaction limits in the new year to fund new employees and its growth plans.

Square Register

Square Releases Free Point of Sale App, Register

Square has jumped into point-of-sale software in Australia with a suite of back-office tools called Square Register.