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Dropbox Badge for Microsoft Office

Dropbox Adds Badge to Microsoft Documents to Aid Co-working

Dropbox has added a badge inside Microsoft Office documents that shows who else is viewing or editing the file.


QuickBooks Online First to Add Bitcoin Payments

Intuit has launched a free service called PayByCoin which lets QuickBooks Online users invoice and accept payments with the virtual currency bitcoin.


How Bitcoin Could Transform Accounting As We Know It

The blockchain behind the cryptocurrency is one of the most sophisticated concepts since the invention of the internet.

Android SatSleeve Sat Phone

How to Turn Your iPhone 6 or Android into a Satellite Phone

While regional Australia waits for the NBN to deliver on its high-speed wireless promise, here’s a useful if expensive stop-gap.


The Top Three Priorities on The ATO’s Roadmap

The date in everyone’s dairies should be June 30 2016. It marks the launch of three flagship projects, two of which are underway and one has just started.

horrified face

The Death of Compliance: A Valid Threat or Scaremongering?

So-called business experts want to scare you into thinking you will lose all of your compliance revenue within four years.