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Skype for Business

New Skype for Business To Replace Lync in Office 365

Microsoft announced it would release a new program, Skype for Business, an enterprise-grade communications tool which would be available early next year.


Six CRM Options for Your Accounting Firm

As an accountant, it took me forever to realise why I needed a CRM. My motto has always been, “Anything you can do, I can do better with a spreadsheet”.


Xero Buys US Accounting and Payroll Company Monchilla

Online accounting company Xero has made one of its biggest acquisitions to date after it paid US$4.1 million for Monchilla.

map of usa

Why Xero Won’t Take the US In a Hurry

Xero will need good software, its US$150 million in cash and more to achieve its lofty ambitions and take market share from Intuit in the US.


MYOB Kounta Updates MYOB’s Retailer Strategy

Accounting software company MYOB has launched its new online point-of-sale (POS) solution MYOB Kounta, the fruit of its minority investment in the startup in June.

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Long-Distance Cloud Accounting From Port Hedland to Perth

Kathi Hebbard’s clients were spread from Port Hedland to Perth and from Queensland to New South Wales. She turned to online accounting to make it work.